Cycling 101 in Santa Ynez in June 2018

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I loved the camp and it completely changed my understanding of cycling and how to become a better cyclist. What I most appreciated was how the coaches and staff took care of everything so that all I had to think about was riding. There was always bottles and nutrition available. The coaches were knowledgeable and kept giving me tips throughout the rides. I loved the lectures that offered so much information about training with power and managing hydration/nutrition l. I am new to cycling. At the time of the camp, I had only been cycling for 6 months and that camp improved me more in 4 days that I could have in years on my own. Whenever I find myself in a switchback, I still can hear Coach Paul in my head reminding me of the steps to maneuver safely and efficiently. But the best part of camp was meeting Coach Sheek. He was assigned to review my ride with me at the end of each day and after our first meeting I knew that I wanted to become a good cyclist, I needed him as a coach….

Analee Haro

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