Press Release: CTS Adds 3 New Coaches to Expanding Coaching Staff

(Colorado Springs, April 14, 2022) – CTS, a pioneer in the endurance coaching and camps industry, today announced three new additions to their staff of 50+ professional coaches. Addison Smith, Kerry Bonar, and Izzy Forrest are available to take new athletes immediately.

CTS Founder and Head Coach, Chris Carmichael, said, “Addison and Izzy distinguished themselves while interning with CTS last summer and I am happy to have them back. Kerry brings a wealth of experience from her competitive background, and the expertise of a doctorate in physical therapy. Now that they’ve completed our in-housing coaching education and onboarding program, I’m confident they will prove to be great assets to any and all athletes they work with.”

Kerry Bonar

Kerry Bonar cycling coach in cyclocross race

Kerry is joining the CTS Coaching Staff with impressive competition and professional backgrounds. She raced professionally for Tokyo Joe’s and competed at the elite international level in mountain biking and cyclocross. Kerry rode to a top 12 finish at the 2003 UCI Mountain Bike World Championships and a top 20 finish at the 2008 UCI Cyclocross World Championships. While training and competing, she also earned an MS in Kinesiology from the University of Colorado, Boulder, and a Doctorate in Physical Therapy from Regis University in Denver.

Kerry’s experience as a competitor and a physical therapist makes her a great asset for athletes working toward difficult goals. “After many years of bike racing professionally, I now enjoy competing in events that celebrate community as much as athletic accomplishment. There is something special about challenging ourselves, setting goals, and navigating the path to make our dreams a reality.”


Addison Smith

Addison Smith CTS running coach running

Addison is a young coach who is wise beyond his years. Thanks to his parents’ careers, he’s lived all over the world and has great perspective on travel, cultures, and languages. His journey to being a professional coach began by earning a Bachelor of Arts in Kinesiology – Exercise Science from Calvin University, followed by a Master of Science in Movement Science from University of Michigan. He is also an ACSM Certified Personal Trainer.

An experienced runner and ultramarathoner, Addison works with a wide range of athletes and played an important logistics role in Timothy Olson’s record-breaking Pacific Crest Trail run in 2021. “In running and in life there are two things that you can always control: your attitude and your effort. If we as a coach-athlete team can give our best attitude and effort towards the daily tasks at hand, good things will happen!”


Izzy Forrest

Izzy Forrest running coach

Izzy radiates joy and enthusiasm for running and life. They earned a degree in Exercise Science and Biology from Western Colorado University and fell in love with mountain running. As a result, Izzy is a sports science-oriented coach who also places a strong emphasis on motivation and helping athletes find the joy in training and performance. “As a coach, I am an athlete’s biggest cheerleader and advocate. Overall, I am just as excited as they are about their goals and adventures! I believe everyone belongs in the outdoors and diversity and inclusion should be celebrated!”

Over the course of more than 20 years, CTS’s in-house education, mentoring, and professional advancement programs have developed many of the industry’s top cycling, triathlon and ultrarunning coaches, including coaches who have moved on to leadership positions in other organizations.


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