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Introducing: The TrainRight Podcast

Welcome to the TrainRight podcast, presented by CTS, a podcast about furthering human performance in endurance sports.

Former pro cyclist, Olympian, coach, and visionary entrepreneur Chris Carmichael founded CTS 20 years ago as the first world-class online coaching solution built to deliver results to pro and amateur endurance athletes. Chris and his team of 50+ certified coaches are completely driven by innovation and catalyzing new levels of success for the thousands of athletes they train coach daily.

Whether you’re a pro, or a dedicated, time-crunched amateur, you’re about to learn exactly what’s working best today – and what’s not – to get faster, stronger and achieve your goals from the most experienced team of coaches working in endurance today, CTS.

The TrainRight podcast carries forward the mission of CTS – to further human performance in endurance sports – into the earbuds of its expanding and loyal endurance athlete audience. Each week we’ll release a new episode alternating between a cycling focused show hosted by Adam Pulford and a running focused show hosted by Hillary Allen.


Episode Transcription


Adam Pulford: (00:11)
Welcome to the TrainRight podcast. I’m Adam Pulford.

Hillary Allen: (00:14)
And I’m Hillary Allen. And what we’re going to be doing is we’re gonna be launching a podcast, it’s called TrainRight podcast. And why you guys should listen is because we’re going to be interviewing the best scientists, the best sports physiologists, the best athletes, the most interesting people in the world of running and cycling. And we’re going to be telling you about it

Adam Pulford: (00:35)
And we’re going to give you actionable steps to take away from each episode so you can actually apply to your training in racing.

Hillary Allen: (00:41)
And the best part is, is that Adam’s gonna tackle the cycling portion and I’m going to tackle the running portion. Um, but a little bit about me is I’m a coach with CTS. That’s Carmichael Training Systems. Um, I am a specialist in ultra running, um, but I’m also a professional ultra runner for the North face. Um, I have a degree in chemistry, a master’s in neuroscience. So I’m a pretty big nerd.

Adam Pulford: (01:08)
An alpha nerd at that, which I am not, but I do have a splash of chemistry in my background as well. Uh, I quickly saw the lights in exercise physiology when I was studying that university and Wisconsin lacrosse. And after an internship at Carmichael Training Systems, I, uh, got a job, was full time in house in Colorado Springs for about nine years. I then took a job as a professional, um, team director for a professional cycling team that went onto women’s road race scene, uh, in an orange, the orange seal off road team. We’re now, uh, I am a coach full time and helping athletes reach their full potential.

Hillary Allen: (01:50)
Oh, this podcast is going to be awesome. I’m so excited to do this with you, Adam.

Adam Pulford: (01:55)
And when do we start?

Hillary Allen: (01:56)
uh, let’s do this… The end of January 2020.

Adam Pulford: (02:01)
Let’s do it.

Hillary Allen: (02:02)
All right. Tune in guys. Hope you enjoy it.

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