CTS Training Talks: How To Plan Your Cycling Season

In this episode of CTS Training Talks we cover:

  • Developing season goals
  • Identifying limiting factors like available training time
  • Structuring a training plan around priority events

CTS Senior Coach Clayton Feldman talks with Gayle Connell from the Naked Women’s Racing Team about identifying goals and building a plan that will lead to a successful season. Listen in on how to go about structuring your training program and planning out your cycling season.

CTS Is A Proud Sponsor Of The Naked Women’s Racing & Club Teams

Colorado Women’s Cycling Project, established in 2010, is a women’s elite and amateur women’s cycling team. It also includes a club team supporting women in their cycling endeavors. Its members compete in track, road, mountain and cyclocross disciplines and have won state, regional and national team and individual titles as well as USA Cycling’s Women’s Club of the Year in 2012. Learn more at nakedwomenracing.com

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