CTS Training Talks: An Inside Look at VO2 Max and Lactate Threshold Testing

Whether you are a triathlete, runner, cyclist, or another endurance athlete you need accurate physiological data to guide and monitor your training by. Lactate threshold and VO2 Max are two of the most commonly, and effectively, used performance markers used by many athletes and coaches.

The point is to learn the highest intensity at which you race and train before hitting the wall from high levels of blood lactate and to uncover the amount of oxygen you can utilize during a maximal effort. Elite athletes and coaches know the key to success is to increase sustainable power on the bike and speed while running at lactate threshold. You may be asking what is lactate threshold and VO2 max? How do you test these? And most importantly, how does one use this information to improve training?

Gayle Connell, from the Naked Women’s Racing Team, came into our performance lab to get these same questions answered. You can listen to Gayle go through her lactate threshold and VO2 max tests and then review her results with Senior CTS Coach Clayton Feldman.

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