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CTS Announces A Partnership With Muir Energy That Will Propel Athletes Further

(April 24, 2019) CTS announced Muir Energy, a San Diego real food and plant-based nutrition company, as the new Official Energy Gel Partner for all CTS Training Camps and Bucket List Events. The two companies both share in the value of creating the highest-quality products, without compromise, that empowers athletes to improve performance and achieve their goals.

The nutrition an athlete uses to fuel training and recover from tough workouts is a critical component of an effective training program and an athlete’s fitness progression. As part of the partnership, CTS Camp and Bucket List Event athletes will now have Muir Energy gels available to help power their workouts with nutritionally dense gels that are made using only 4-6 real food ingredients.

“Muir Energy delivers an exceptionally high-quality product and embodies the ethos of our athletes,” said CTS CEO and Founder Chris Carmichael. “I’m excited to launch this partnership and get their great tasting gels in the hands of our athletes and coaches. Muir Energy is going to play a key role in propelling our athletes further in workouts and in reaching their goals.”  

Muir Energy offers a wide variety of slow burning and fast burning flavors ranging from Red Raspberry, Cashew Vanilla Mate Caffeinated, to Passionfruit Pineapple Banana. Muir Energy Fast Burning gels are made with dehydrated fruits and vegetables with simple sugar sources that metabolize quickly. Their Slow Burning gels utilize nut and seed butters which metabolize slowly and provide a sustained fuel source for longer, lower intensity workouts and events.

“We’re stoked to partner with CTS,” said Muir Energy CEO and Founder Ian Muir McNally. “Our brand alignment provides CTS athletes with a formidable advantage, enabling them to train and compete at the highest level.”

As the Official CTS Energy Gel Partner, Muir Energy will also be available to CTS-coached athletes at a discounted rate through the CTS Athlete Perks program.


About Muir Energy

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Muir Energy makes plant-based food for endurance athletes. Each flavor is made with only 4-6 clean, nutrient-rich, whole food ingredients. The MUIR product line offers a panoply of flavors to delight your palate (sweet, tart, savory), meet your caloric needs (fast and slow burning), and keep your stomach happy.  Gram for gram, Muir Energy provides more nutrition (quality calories, healthy fats and proteins, vitamins and minerals) than any other product in the energy gel space. MUIR is hand made in San Diego. For more information, visit https://muirenergy.com/

About CTS

A pioneering company in the endurance coaching industry, CTS has improved the performance of more than 17,000 athletes over the past 18 years. Founded by renowned coach and author Chris Carmichael and home to more than 50 full-time, professional coaches, CTS provides personal coaching, training camps, and Endurance Bucket List Experiences to athletes of all ability levels. For more information, visit https://trainright.com.

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