Business Booming at CTS Mexico City!


With a full schedule of indoor cycling classes and one-on-one coaching sessions, CTS Mexico City is growing steadily and providing cyclists and triathletes in the Santa Fe region of Mexico City with the best in professional coaching services. Led by Ricardo Probert and Carlos Ruesga, the newest CTS Training Center also has a thriving community of personal coaching clients who utilize both the indoor training facilities and one-on-one coaching from a professional CTS Coach. You can see their website at

The CTS Training Center in Mexico City is the first international licensed training center for CTS. After being pioneers in the personal coaching industry and thriving for 15 years, CTS is in the unique position to license our proven methods and strong brand to entrepreneurs who want to own and operate a successful and profitable coaching business.


The CTS Training Center in Mexico City illustrates the opportunity and flexibility built into our licensing model. Ricardo and Carlos are deeply embedded in the sporting culture of their region and understand the needs and expectations of the athletes in the area. As a result, the services available at their CTS Training Center are tailored specifically to their customer base. Whereas indoor cycling classes are primarily a winter activity in our US centers, the urban density of Mexico City means there’s demand for indoor cycling year round. The Mexico City Training Center is also a community hub, which makes the in-house café a successful addition to training, bike fit, and performance services.

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At its core, the proven effectiveness of CTS Coaching Methodology and the strength of the CTS brand provide the foundation for success at CTS Mexico City. Our top coaches worked with Ricardo and Carlos to recruit and educate the new center’s staff, not only in the science and service required to coach CTS Athletes, but also in the customer service, marketing, and business processes we have optimized through 15 years of experience.

If you are a motivated and engaged entrepreneur who wants to own and operate additional CTS Training Centers around the world, we want to talk with you. Please contact us here so we can help you build a successful and profitable coaching business in your area.

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  1. Hi! I’m looking for the CTS in México City to see if they are able to make me a bike fit. Is this possible? Where can I find them?

    Thank you!

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