Weekend Reading: Can You Complete the 2013 CTS Thanksgiving Challenge?

With Thanksgiving coming up for those of us in the US next week, it’s time once again for the CTS Thanksgiving Challenge! I did this last year as kind of an off-the-cuff challenge to keep myself motivated, and it was very exciting to see how many of you joined me. For the past few weeks I’ve been getting emails from athletes asking if I was going to do the challenge again, and the answer is, “Hell Yeah!”

So here’s how this year’s CTS Thanksgiving Challenge is going to work. Between Monday, November 25 and Sunday, December 1, we’re going to ride 275 miles. That’s 25 miles more than last year, just because we need a little extra this time around. And for our international athletes, even those on the flipside of the world who are entering summer, this is a still a challenge that would be good for you to tackle. There’s no registration, no uploading data to prove you did it, and no patches. Just do it because you should, and to motivate you to make training a priority during this holiday week.

Speaking of motivation, CTS Athlete and Santa Fe Brewing – Pivot pro Macky Franklin sent us an awesome video this week, as a reminder to all us in the Northern Hemisphere that now’s the time to “Train For The Summer”.

Some feedback from last year’s challenge was that a duration target would be helpful in addition to mileage, for those athletes who have to do the majority of their riding on the trainer. So, if you’re going by hours instead of mileage, your challenge is to ride 15 hours between Monday and Sunday.

Now, although it’s not a requirement it would be helpful for everyone’s motivation if you’d post messages and photos of your progress during the CTS Thanksgiving Challenge. You can reference #CTSChallenge on Twitter or tweet to www.twitter.com/trainright, post to www.facebook.com/carmichaeltrainingsystems, or email messages and images to me at Chris.Carmichael@trainright.com so I can share them through our social media channels.


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In addition to fitness, I also want you to think about the 275 miles in terms of bodyweight. Let’s say you average 600 kilojoules an hour as you’re riding (which is about average for moderately fit, average sized athletes riding at an moderate/challenging endurance pace), and 275 miles takes you 15 hours (roughly 18mph average). That would work out to approximately 9000 kilojoules of work. If you’re typically riding 8 hours a week at 600kj/hr (4800kj/wk), this challenge could mean an increase of 4200kj in workload. That’s important because kilojoules of work done on the bike are approximately equal to the kilocalories burned to do the work. What better week to increase your caloric expenditure by 4200 kilocalories than during a week when your caloric consumption is likely to be significantly higher than normal!

And if Thanksgiving is right around the corner, that means two things: Black Friday is coming and the rest of the Holiday Season will be right on its heels. Stay tuned to www.trainright.com, the CTS twitter feed at www.twitter.com/trainright, and the CTS Facebook Page at www.facebook.com/carmichaeltrainingsystems on Black Friday and “5 Days of Deal” throughout the week that follows.

Have a Great Weekend and a Wonderful Thanksgiving!

Chris Carmichael
CEO/Head Coach
Carmichael Training Systems


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