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3 Indoor Cycling Workouts Targeted to Your Event Goals

This is a period of the year when athletes have a lot of motivation to train, but don’t always have great weather for outdoor training. Fortunately, you can accomplish a great deal with targeted indoor cycling workouts, often in a fraction of the time – and with a fraction of the clothing – compared to outdoor…

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4 Mistakes that Women Make When They Start Training

Arleigh Jenkins is a new mom living in Denver and a veteran of the bike industry, with 15 years of experience in bike shops, cycling advocacy, and a range of other roles. You can see more of Arleigh’s work by following her on social media, where she goes by @Bikeshopgirl on Twitter and Bike Shop…

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The 2016 CTS Super Bowl Trainer Workout

Tomorrow is Super Bowl Sunday! For the past few years we’ve had fun with the Super Bowl by creating an indoor trainer workout that’s loosely styled after a drinking game. The first year we did it, the Broncos were playing the Seattle Seahawks and – since CTS headquarters are in Colorado – we were rooting…

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