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Keys for Crushing Multi-Day Cycling Tours and Amateur Stage Races

  Challenging multi-day cycling events (as opposed to ‘wine-and-cheese’ cycling sightseeing tours) are one of the fast-growing categories of cycling for amateurs. Some are competitive; others (like the Tour of California Race Experience) are not, but most feature big mileage, lots of climbing, and incredible camaraderie. One of the most popular event series is coming…

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Shalini Zabaneh’s Race Recap: Stage Race in Belize

The Weekend of Racing looked a little like this: ·       Saturday 12 min TT/ 40 mile RR ·       Sunday 45 mile RR The TT (12 miles) went well too, I was 3rd out a minute apart and passed the other women….did 12 miles in 31mins, 23.25mph – that was sweet – lol!! This Saturday’s RR…

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