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The 5 Best Habits for Athletes Over 40

  Life is less forgiving after 40. It’s a myth you can’t gain fitness, lose weight, change careers, or change yourself past a certain age; but I do think those changes get harder. Your body doesn’t absorb and shrug off abuse as well as it did years ago. There’s more at stake when changing relationships…

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5 Ways to Add Life to Your Years

Lately I’ve been seeing a lot of articles and blogs about adding years to your life, and to be honest most of the advice is downright obvious: Don’t smoke, reduce stress, drink alcohol in moderation, eat better and exercise more. That’s all wonderful advice for the general population, but it got me thinking about our…

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How to Boost Your Old Man or Woman Speed

When it comes to pure speed and power, younger athletes usually beat out us older athletes, but that doesn’t mean they always come out on top. Many young cyclists don’t have the experience to put all that power to good use.  I’m going to share with you a few of the lessons I’ve learned over…

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