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3 Indoor Cycling Workouts Targeted to Your Event Goals

This is a period of the year when athletes have a lot of motivation to train, but don’t always have great weather for outdoor training. Fortunately, you can accomplish a great deal with targeted indoor cycling workouts, often in a fraction of the time – and with a fraction of the clothing – compared to outdoor…

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How To Tell If An Indoor Cycling Class Is Any Good

Will a “spin class” at my local gym help me in the winter? This is a perennial question, but it’s also a very good one. Every fitness club has some form of indoor cycling class, and during the dead of winter it’s very tempting to jump in rather than slave away on an indoor trainer all…

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5 Tips for Setting Up an Effective Indoor Cycling Space

By Jim Rutberg, CTS Pro Coach Though we live for riding outdoors with the warm sun on our backs, at some point in the year we each find ourselves an indoor trainer in the basement, garage, or spare room. There’s no doubt you’re better off riding than sitting on the couch until the weather improves,…

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