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The Inconvenient Truth About Coaching

I was talking this week with a group of athletes, some coached by CTS and others not, and the conversation turned to their experiences with coaching over the past several years. Most of them had at least one poor experience with a coach, and the most important point I took away from the conversation was…

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How to Lose Those Last 10 Pounds

I had a great conversation with an athlete this week about prioritizing weight loss and fitness, and I think it relates to many more of you out there. His basic issue was that he had been focusing on weight loss since December – and lost 20 pounds in the process – but his weight loss…

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Weekend Reading: Straight Talk About Training Camps

Back in the winter of 2000 when CTS had all of 4 employees and one intern, three of us packed up a Chevy Suburban, handed the office keys to Jim Lehman, and took off for Buellton, California. We were headed to the first CTS Spring Training Camp, and now I’m headed out to the Santa…

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