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Three Nutrition Mistakes That Kill Performance

By CTS Coaching Staff We spend a lot of time counseling athletes on their nutrition choices during training and competition, especially as part of the “Race Day Nutrition Planning” service offered by CTS. After doing several hundred of these planning sessions with athletes, common threads have emerged. Some of the most common nutrition mistakes we see…

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Who knew wrappers were so multipurposeful

Who knew GU was so multi-purposeful by Amy Richards During the Harvest Moon half-ironman distance triathlon this year, my last tri of the season, I was clipping along nicely. I was very happy with how I had been riding and it was looking as though I’d be able to drop about 15 minutes from my previous year’s…

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7.3 things I learned from my first 70.3

  7.3 Things I Learned From My First 70.3 by Malia Crouse-Mullen Sunday, September 11th was my first half ironman distance triathlon in Aurora, Colorado at the 11th Annual Harvest Moon.  If you had told me last year that I would be racing a 70.3 (as they’re commonly referred to in triathlete circles), I would…

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