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16 Ways to Boost Performance in 2016

  It’s January 16, 2016, let’s talk about the 16 things you can do this year to be faster, stronger, and more fit than you have ever been! And don’t tell me that you’re a year older and therefore you’ll have to accept being slower and less fit. CTS Athlete Frederic Schmid just won another US…

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How to Set Highly-Effective Goals

The Holidays are over! As much as love getting together with friends and family, having the kids home from school, and taking some time off from work, by January 1 I’m ready for the Holiday Season to be done. I love that refreshing feeling of starting a new year. The whole year is laid out…

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CTS December Cycling Challenge! Are You Up for It?

  Although I ventured out to walk the dog on Black Friday, I was holed up indoors most of the day because it was about 10 degrees outside and snowing. My hunch is that staying motivated to train through December is going to be pretty rough, so I’m issuing a challenge to myself and everyone…

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