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Triathlon Training: High Intensity for High Performance

By Chris Carmichael For a group that is perceived to be one of the hardest-working groups of endurance athletes, it’s surprising to see how resistant some triathletes are to high-intensity training. Triathletes will ride, run or swim all day long; and pack more individual training sessions into a week or a month than any other…

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Chris Carmichael Blog: Playing Hooky

This week I took a day off. I know that doesn’t sound all that exciting, but it’s been a while since I’ve truly taken a complete day off. I didn’t call anyone who works for CTS. I didn’t spend any time on emails. I stepped away from my business entirely for a day. And you…

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5 Tips to Finding The Perfect Time of Day To Train

  We’ve arrived at a critical junction in the training season for endurance athletes in the US, and perhaps much of the Northern Hemisphere. The hours of daylight have reached the point where either early morning or late afternoon/evening training sessions possible without the need for lights, and temperatures have warmed to the point where…

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