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Weekend Reading: Were you fast once? Here’s how to get your speed back!

  I often talk with my Coaches and Athlete Services staff about trends and themes they’re seeing with athletes. At times there’s an interesting convergence of ideas from athletes despite not knowing each other and living all over the world. Sometimes the commonality makes sense: athletes converge on the idea of weight loss in January….

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Weekend Reading: The Best Workout For Developing SPEED!

  As we roll into March, many areas in the Northern Hemisphere are already in the race and event season and it’s not very far away for those of us still stuck in the snow. Winter was a good time to build aerobic and lactate threshold power with interval workouts and indoor training. Now it’s…

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Causes, Prevention, and Treatment of Cramping

  By Chris Carmichael  Endurance sports are all about pushing yourself and testing your limits. Sometimes your brain has to step in and protect you from yourself, like when you bonk and your brain conjures up nausea in an effort to get you to slow down and address the problem. Other times your body skips…

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Weekend Reading: The Wall Street Journal Says You’re Drinking Too Much During Exercise. Are they right?

  It’s back! There are a few article topics that pop back up into mainstream media every year or two, like “too much exercise will kill you” and “you shouldn’t eat carbohydrates during exercise”. This week it was the “you’re drinking too much during exercise” chestnut that made it into The Wall Street Journal. There’s…

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These are the 4 Data Points You Need to Focus On

  Athletes generate more data than ever, and the number of ways to slice and dice the information continues to expand. There are times when information overload can do you more harm than good, and most commonly that time is right in the middle of your workout. My advice is to focus on a smaller…

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Weekend Reading: 5 Things You Need to Fix to Go Faster!

  I hate wasting energy and it bothers me to no end to see athletes do things that are self-defeating. You spend so much precious time and effort developing fitness and building your capacity to produce power, and then you waste that fitness through poor decision making on the bike. To go faster you need…

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Workout and Tips for Better Pace Line Performance

  A few days ago the US National Cycling Team women, including CTS Athlete Lauren Komanski, won the team time trial at the Tour of New Zealand! The team time trial has always been a special event in cycling, and it is increasing in popularity now that there is a professional World Championship event in…

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CTS Expands with First International Training Center in Mexico City, Mexico

For Immediate Release For more information, contact: CTS Expands with First International Training Center in Mexico City, Mexico More international centers planned (Versión en español abajo) (Colorado Springs, CO – Feb 19, 2015) – CTS today announced the opening of their newest training center in Mexico City, Mexico. The coaching company’s first training center outside…

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5 Things Athlete Need to Know About New Cholesterol Guidelines

  The big nutritional news this week was that in the coming weeks the Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee, a panel of experts who provide scientific justification for the US Government’s “Dietary Guidelines”, is expected to largely reverse the long-standing recommendations to limit the intake of dietary cholesterol. We studied the available literature so you don’t…

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Special Offer for New England Cyclists

  New Englanders won the Super Bowl but got the crap kicked out them by Mother Nature. To help our fellow cyclists in New England who have been hammered by repeated, record-breaking snow storms in recent weeks, we’re offering $500 OFF the following Spring Training Camps for residents of Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, New Hampshire,…

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Posted: February 11, 2015

Author: CTS

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