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Night Riding: Skills and Tips for Great Mountain Bike and Gravel Night Rides

  In November in the United States (except Arizona), we all set our clocks back one hour. We get an extra hour of sleep on one night, but pay a hefty price for it over the next four months with cold mornings and early sunsets. I may be biased, but as you can tell I’m…

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The Proven CTS 9-Week Holiday Cycling Training Plan

Three Workouts, No Excuses. I talk with busy athletes juggling cycling goals with full-time careers and families pretty much every day, and when it comes right down to it you fall into two primary categories: those who figure out how to get it done, and those who rattle off a litany of circumstances that prevent…

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Major Bike Maintenance Tips You Need To Tackle Right Now!

  As seasons transition from summer to winter I’m seeing a lot of bikes that are ‘plain tore up’, as one of my favorite old mechanics used to say. Your bike or fleet of bikes have seen a lot of hard hours and miles this year, and this is a smart time to get your…

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Long Term Review: Ritchey Handlebars and Stems

  There is absolutely nothing more frightening than breaking a handlebar or stem while riding a bicycle. In the 40 years I’ve been riding, some of the worst non-collision crashes I’ve ever seen (meaning not getting hit by a car or colliding into a mailbox) have resulted from breakage or slippage of a cockpit component….

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What Time-Crunched Athletes Need to Know About Altitude Training

One of the reasons CTS headquarters are in Colorado Springs, Colorado is that there are a ton of smart sports science folks here. And those who don’t live here typically come through here for conferences or events, like the US Olympic Committee’s International Altitude Training Symposium. CTS Coach Dean Golich was one of the presenters…

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Posted: October 19, 2016

Author: CTS

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How Long Should Your Longest Training Ride Be?

How many miles do I need to ride in training to be ready for my event? I get asked some variation of that question all the time from cyclists getting ready for a century, gran fondo, gravel grinder, or endurance mountain bike event. Do you need to ride 60 or 75 miles during a training…

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The Hardest Race I Ever Loved: The Vapor Trail 125

By Michael Franco, CTS Athlete Ah, the Vapor Trail 125. I had my first foray into this race last year and by all accounts, it was the toughest damn thing I had ever done…by far. The race starts at 10 PM in Salida, CO at ~7,000 feet above sea level, and the event objective is to…

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Why October-November Is Base-Training Season (Not January!)

For many years I – and especially my “Time-Crunched Cyclist” co-author, Jim Rutberg – have railed against the concept of “aerobic base training” for time-crunched athletes (here and here, for instance). So, naturally, today’s headline might come as a surprise to some of you. Is this a reversal? A flip-flop on the issues? Hardly. For…

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8 Tips for Your Best Gran Fondo Performance

While the road racing season has dwindled down for the year, the Gran Fondo season continues to run strong through October with Levi Leipheimer’s King Ridge Grand Fondo today and Hincapie Gran Fondo coming up on October 22nd. I will often encourage athletes to sign up for a fall Gran Fondo, because it’s a great…

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Triathlon Training: How to Adapt to Race-Day Conditions at Ironman

By Lindsay Hyman, CTS Pro Coach Training technology has made it incredibly easy for triathletes to monitor their progress in training and maintain the necessary power and pace numbers to accomplish their goals on race day. But in extreme conditions of triple digit heat, icy water, gusting winds or pouring rain, I see a lot…

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