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Optimizing Your Pre-Event Warmup for Hot Weather

  In hot weather athletes face a conundrum. A pre-event warmup is designed to increase muscle core temperature, start the body’s cooling processes, and activate energy systems. But elevating core temperature too high diminishes performance dramatically. So how do you warm up when it’s hot out? Here’s a step-by-step guide to walking the fine line…

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Business Booming at CTS Mexico City!

  With a full schedule of indoor cycling classes and one-on-one coaching sessions, CTS Mexico City is growing steadily and providing cyclists and triathletes in the Santa Fe region of Mexico City with the best in professional coaching services. Led by Ricardo Probert and Carlos Ruesga, the newest CTS Training Center also has a thriving…

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Which is better: Training With High or Low Carbohydrate Stores?

  By Chris Carmichael Coaching is a push-and-pull between tradition and innovation, between “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!” and “Newer is better!”. During my coaching career I’ve been on both sides of that divide, always seeking innovation but wary that innovations that sound good don’t always lead to improved performance. Training when you’re…

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Weekend Reading: Four Tips for Acing Your Next Performance Test

  If progress is important to you then measuring and monitoring your performance is critical. We know, for instance, that in the first six months an athlete works with a CTS Coach, they can often see a 10% increase in CTS Field Test Power. Increased power isn’t the only way we measure success with an…

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Staying Safe And Performing Your Best When Cycling In The Rain – Part 2

  Last week I ran through the basics of cycling in the rain, which means this week we can move to the next level of wet-weather performance and answer some of the questions readers posted on last week’s article. Only stop if continuing puts you in danger When the skies open up you have to…

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Three Key Climbing Workouts for Sustained Power, Surge Strength, and Winning Attacks

  By Chris Carmichael There are three main areas that need to be addressed when you want to become a better, stronger, and faster climber. First you have to increase your maximum sustainable power. This increases the pace you can sustain for prolonged climbs, and in the best case it also means you can ride…

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Staying Safe And Performing Your Best When Cycling In The Rain – Part 1

  It’s been raining on and off in Colorado Springs for the past few weeks, to the point that it’s already the second wettest May on record, and there’s a week to go! We also had a rainy day at the Tour of California Race Experience last week (view video), so I guess it’s not…

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Correcting the Biggest Mistake Cyclists and Triathletes Make on Climbs

  I am very fortunate to participate in a lot of cycling camps, charity rides, group rides, and races; and all that time riding with other athletes can be very informative. A great number of the topics in my weekend blogs and Time-Crunched Athlete books are inspired by conversations and observations from these rides. With…

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7 Keys to Take Your Group Ride from Good to Great

  We’re in the home stretch of the 2015 Amgen Tour of California Race Experience and I am incredibly proud of the athletes and staff we have at this event. The course this year has been difficult. The first five stages were each quite long (100-125 miles) and featured lots of wind, and on Stage…

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Ride-Ready Granola-Rice Bar Recipe from Renowned Chef Matthew Accarrino

  I love cycling and I love really good food, so there’s perhaps nothing I enjoy more than an opportunity to combine the two. It’s been great getting to know chef and restaurateur Matthew Accarrino because he is so passionate about both food and sport, and his food is incredible! Matthew is the chef at…

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