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Ramp Up Your Training with Second Kick PowerIntervals

There’s something about a new cycling kit that gives me even more motivation to get out and ride. This morning, I’m not only putting on a new CTS kit, but one that features a brand new CTS logo! As the company reaches 15 years in business, we decided to give the CTS logo a more…

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Weekend Reading: Get Your Training Moving with this Mid-Winter OverUnder Workout

I am so happy to be in Santa Ynez, California this weekend. I love Colorado Springs, but so far this winter has been a tough one. We’ve had a few sustained periods of bitter cold, like many areas of the US in recent months, and I feel very fortunate that I’ve been able to escape…

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2014 Super Bowl Trainer Workout

What a weekend! For cycling fans this is Cyclocross World Championship weekend, with the Women’s Elite race today and the Men’s Elite race tomorrow. CTS Athlete Ryan Trebon will be racing for Team USA tomorrow, and shooting for a top 15 finish. And we’re also rooting for our friend and former-CTS Coach Katie Compton as…

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Press Release: CTS Offers Athletes Superior Nutrition with OSMO Nutrition and PROBAR

(January 27 – Colorado Springs, CO) – Carmichael Training Systems will be rolling into their 15th year as a leader in the personal coaching and training camp industry with new sports nutrition partners. OSMO Nutrition will be supplying CTS Coaches and Athletes with scientifically proven hydration products, and PROBAR will be providing nutrient-dense and delicious…

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Weekend Reading: Burn Away Winter Weight, and more from CTS

Since Chris is currently racing the Trans Andes Challenge mountain bike stage race in the Patagonia region of Chile, we commandeered his weekly blog and curated a selection of articles that are timely or among the most popular on trainright.com. And stay tuned next week for our 2014 Superbowl Trainer Workout, a workout basically modeled…

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Winter Strength Training for Cyclists

By Chris Carmichael Winter is a huge opportunity for a cyclist. Instead of looking at these months as a period of indoor drudgery or outdoor misery, look at them as the period where you can focus on shoring up your weaknesses and building on your strengths as a new season approaches. Strength training can be…

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Weekend Reading: 3 Indoor Cycling Workouts to Match Your Goals

January is a month when athletes have a lot of motivation to train, but don’t always have great weather for outdoor training. Fortunately, you can accomplish a great deal with targeted indoor cycling workouts, often in a fraction of the time – and with a fraction of the clothing – compared to outdoor rides. Depending…

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Four Things Athletes Aren’t Good At Doing for Themselves

By Jim Rutberg, CTS Pro Coach & co-author of “The Time-Crunched Cyclist” Look, the truth of the matter is that you’re a smart person and endurance training isn’t rocket science. And to be perfectly frank, you could probably figure out most subjects if you had the time and motivation to do so. So I understand…

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Posted: January 11, 2014

Author: CTS

Categories: Blogs

Weekend Reading: 5 Tips for Setting and Achieving Your Fitness Goals

January brings optimism and new beginnings, especially for athletes looking forward to another exciting year of training and spectacular performances! If you’ve been waiting to set a goal for yourself, now’s the time to do it. Whether this is the year you swing for the fences with an audacious goal or keep it a bit…

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Weekend Reading: The CTS Best of 2013 List

As we get ready to close 2013 and roll into 2014, I’ve been thinking about my own “Best of 2013” list. The past 12 months have been very exciting, and quite varied in terms of my own experiences and the results that CTS Athletes have achieved. The hardest part of making a list like this…

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