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How to Choose the Optimal Amount of Recovery Between Intervals

By Jim Rutberg, CTS Pro Coach So, you’re all ready to go out for your workout. You have food in your pocket, your bike is gleaming in the warm sun with a bottle of water and bottle of sports drink, your Smith glasses are sitting in the Giro helmet draped over your handlebars, and your Joule GPS is…

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How to Improve Your Open-Water and Pack Swimming Skills

By Nick White, CTS Premier Coach Last summer, one of my athletes felt great going into the water at the start of her goal event, a half-Ironman at Buffalo Springs Lake in Lubbock, Texas, only to get stuck behind a pack of slow swimmers. A gap formed between her group and the leaders, but by…

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4 Ways to Win by Being a Smarter Athlete

By Chris Carmichael The end of March is a great time of year for endurance athletes. There’s so much enthusiasm in the air, so many incredible goals being set, and so many early-season triumphs to cheer about. For coaches, this is the time when we get to talk about race tactics and strategies, in addition…

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7 Springtime Mistakes Endurance Athletes Make

  Over the past few years our coaches have spent the latter part of the winter and spring traveling to training camps and events, and that means talking with a lot of inquisitive athletes. And while every athlete is different, there are some topics that seem to come up every spring. If you can avoid…

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Press Release: CTS Announces New Training Center in Pisgah Forest, NC

Leading Endurance Coaching Company CTS Announces New Training Center in Pisgah Forest, NC For Immediate Release For more information, please contact Colin Izzard at 828-378-0152; cizzard@trainright.com. (Pisgah Forest, NC – March 16, 2016) CTS, a leader in the professional endurance coaching industry, today announced the opening of a new training center in Pisgah Forest, North Carolina….

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How to Stay Focused and Motivated for Indoor Trainer Workouts

Arleigh Jenkins is a new mom living in Denver and a veteran of the bike industry, with 15 years of experience in bike shops, cycling advocacy, and a range of other roles. You can see more of Arleigh’s work by following her on social media, where she goes by @Bikeshopgirl on Twitter and Bike Shop Girl…

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7 Secrets the Pros Use to Stay Safe While Riding in a Pack

Riding in a peloton can be an intimidating, and at times, dangerous place but there are tried-and-true strategies you can use to keep yourself safe and in good pack position. Great handling skills, heads up racing, and years of experience prevent most dangerous situations from escalating into calamities, and the techniques the pros use are…

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3 Powerful Sprint Workouts Every Cyclist Should Include in Their Training

Have you noticed that nobody sprints anymore? It’s a real shame, because throwing just a handful of sprints into your weekly training can give you an edge – even if you don’t compete. My hunch is that sprints gradually disappeared from most amateur athletes’ training programs for three primary reasons. Power meters made it clear…

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5 Bike Fit Tips That’ll Improve Your Comfort and Power

By Jim Lehman – CTS Premier Coach How you position yourself on the bike makes a huge difference in terms of comfort, power, and aerodynamics. While it’s a good idea for all cyclists and triathletes to get a professional bike fit, there are some basic guidelines you can use to troubleshoot problem areas and generally…

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Posted: March 6, 2016

Author: CTS

Categories: Blogs, Cycling

The High-Force Climbing Workout You Should Be Doing Right Now

A lot of cyclists are emerging from their basements, garages, and pain caves to put in more outdoor miles as temperatures rise and days get longer in the Northern Hemisphere. This period marks a transition for many cyclists and triathletes from shorter 60-90 minute indoor interval workouts to longer outdoor rides. Athletes who want to…

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