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The Most Underrated Training Tips That Really Work!

  The biggest trap athletes and coaches fall into is making training too complicated. We’re not trying to launch a mission to Mars here, folks. The problem starts with the amount of information we all have at our fingertips. We know more about the science of performance than ever before and we have access to…

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5 Things Athletes Need to Know in Your 40s, 50s, and Into Your 80s!

By Chris Carmichael I am a cyclist in my mid-50s and I spend a lot of time riding with athletes up to 30 years younger and 25 years older than me.  People ask me about the impact of age on endurance athletes, and here’s what I tell them: Your potential declines, but your ability to maximize…

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4 Things Smart Athletes Do In the Fall

  From a coaching perspective the fall is perhaps the most important time of year. Sure, we can help athletes make big improvements in performance during the spring and summer, but there is so much more than can be achieved during this period because you are not actively preparing for upcoming events. Now is the…

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Is Perceived Exertion Accurate or Meaningful to Your Training?

  Even as technology delivers remarkably accurate data about an athlete’s true workload, a seemingly archaic measure of intensity refuses to disappear. Rating of Perceived Exertion, or RPE, is the ultimate in simplicity: It is nothing more than a scale of how hard you feel you are exercising. There’s not one single piece of data…

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Try This World Championship-Inspired Workout

    The Road World Championships are here! It’s been nearly 30 years since the UCI Road World Championships were held in Colorado Springs but starting tomorrow the world’s best will be duking it out for rainbow jerseys in Richmond, Virginia. World Championship races are unique, very difficult to win, and can forever define a…

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Cyclocross Training for The Time-Crunched Cyclist

  Of all the disciplines within cycling, cyclocross is one exceptionally well suited to time-crunched athletes. The events are intense but short, and the season is relatively short as well. This means a Time-Crunched Athlete can use the principles described in “The Time-Crunched Cyclist, 2nd Edition” to create race-winning fitness for the upcoming ‘cross season!…

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Here Is How You’re Sabotaging Your Own Training

  With 15 years of experience coaching more than 15,000 athletes, CTS Coaches have compiled a ton of data about what makes athletes faster and stronger. We use that information in our Coaching College and continuing education program to teach coaches how to efficiently achieve big performance gains with the athletes they coach. We also…

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How to Keep Your Climbing Power This Fall

  At higher elevations around Colorado Springs the aspens are beginning to turn yellow, which means there’s no denying that Fall and Winter are rapidly approaching. Many cyclists and triathletes are wrapping up their event seasons, which means we’re having a lot of discussions about short- and medium-term goals. One of the top goals: maintain climbing…

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What I Learned In A Coma – A Weekend Reading Exclusive

  Many things in life follow a natural progression. You train, then rest, and get stronger and faster as a result. You start a job knowing very little and become an expert over time. Even declines in performance and health are often gradual and progressive. Where you could recover from a hard ride in a…

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Lactate Threshold: Muscular or Cardiovascular Phenomenon?

  We answer a lot of questions for athletes (you can ask yours here) and share some of the more notable ones on the Train Right Blog to provide the answers to more athletes. Recently we received the question below about the relationship between heart rate and power output. Question: So I have been in a debate…

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Posted: September 2, 2015

Author: CTS

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