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How to Come Back From the Dead on Climbs

This year’s Tour de France features some tough mountain stages with 56 categorized climbs over the three weeks, and one of the major highlights of the race will be on Stage 12 when riders will climb to a mountaintop finish on Mont Ventoux. On a long stage that features big climbs, the distance and the…

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Patriotism and Nationalism Racing for the USA

  I’ve been thinking a lot about patriotism and nationalism recently, based largely on the confluence of the current political election in this country, Brexit and European Union overseas, the upcoming Olympic Games in Rio, and the fact that today’s first stage of the Tour de France finishes at Utah Beach, one of the D-Day…

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8 Training Fundamentals Every Ultrarunner Needs to Focus On

Book excerpt from Jason Koop’s Training Essentials for Ultrarunning In order to keep focus on your fitness, it is important that training be oriented toward the fundamentals. Athletes and coaches are quick to add extraneous stuff to training programs. They want to try the latest equipment, experiment with the newest diet, or start sleeping in…

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The Benefits of Caffeine for Cyclists, Triathletes, and Runners

Caffeine is one of the world’s most widely used stimulants, with the average caffeine consumption in the United States around two cups of coffee (200mg) per day. Most of us are familiar with our afternoon coffee’s ability to help us through the workday and how strongly ingrained coffee is in cycling culture, but does caffeine…

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CTS Athlete Kaci Lickteig Wins Western States 100-Mile Endurance Run

June 27, 2016 (Colorado Springs, CO) – Hailing from the flatlands of Nebraska, professional ultrarunner Kaci Lickteig captured the biggest win of her career by winning the 2016 edition of the 100-mile,Western States Endurance Run ultramarathon in 17:57:58. Lickteig is coached by Jason Koop, Coaching Director for CTS and author of Training Essentials for Ultrarunning….

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Why Heart Rate Is Not a Good Training Tool for Ultrarunning

Book Excerpt From Jason Koop’s Training Essentials for Ultrarunning If you are going to use interval training to accumulate time at intensity and target specific areas of your fitness, you need a way to figure out how hard you are working. In some sports this is simple. As mentioned earlier, a cyclist with a power…

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Posted: June 27, 2016

Author: Cory Bruno

Categories: Blogs, Training

Can You Actually Get Faster After 40?

A lot of the phone calls we get from new athletes start out with, “I’m [insert age between 40-65]. Do you work with athletes my age, and can you help me get faster?” The answer to the first question is absolutely yes. The vast majority of CTS Athletes are between 40-65 and we have a…

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Optimizing Your Pre-Event Warmup for Hot Weather

In hot weather athletes face a conundrum. A pre-event warmup is designed to increase muscle core temperature, start the body’s cooling processes, and activate energy systems. But elevating core temperature too high diminishes performance dramatically. So how do you warm up when it’s hot out? Here’s a step-by-step guide to walking the fine line between…

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Tapering and What to Do the Week Before Your Race

Training can be a lot like drinking: to have a great time you need to know when to stop. In the week leading up to a race or event, athletes can do more to undermine their training than they can to enhance it. Yet, just like that “one more” drink, it’s the prospect of getting…

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4 Steps to Get Bigger Benefits From a Cycling Power Meter

There is no doubt that the combination of quality professional coaching and a cycling power meter is the best way to improve cycling performance. Static training plans and self-coaching can be good introductions to training, but athletes quickly reach the limitations of both. And while many cyclists see the purchase of a power meter as…

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