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Can You Actually Get Faster After 40?

A lot of the phone calls we get from new athletes start out with, “I’m [insert age between 40-65]. Do you work with athletes my age, and can you help me get faster?” The answer to the first question is absolutely yes. The vast majority of CTS Athletes are between 40-65 and we have a…

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Optimizing Your Pre-Event Warmup for Hot Weather

In hot weather athletes face a conundrum. A pre-event warmup is designed to increase muscle core temperature, start the body’s cooling processes, and activate energy systems. But elevating core temperature too high diminishes performance dramatically. So how do you warm up when it’s hot out? Here’s a step-by-step guide to walking the fine line between…

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Tapering and What to Do the Week Before Your Race

Training can be a lot like drinking: to have a great time you need to know when to stop. In the week leading up to a race or event, athletes can do more to undermine their training than they can to enhance it. Yet, just like that “one more” drink, it’s the prospect of getting…

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4 Steps to Get Bigger Benefits From a Cycling Power Meter

There is no doubt that the combination of quality professional coaching and a cycling power meter is the best way to improve cycling performance. Static training plans and self-coaching can be good introductions to training, but athletes quickly reach the limitations of both. And while many cyclists see the purchase of a power meter as…

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How to Have the Best Week Ever on Your Bike

After working with thousands of athletes and running hundreds of cycling camps we’ve learned how to create the perfect cycling experience that will leave you with lifelong memories. 1. Go on Epic Rides in the Most Scenic Areas   Get back to the basics and go crank out lots of miles exploring the most scenic…

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Posted: June 13, 2016

Author: Cory Bruno

Categories: Blogs

Why Can’t I Sleep After a Hard Workout or Race?

Here’s a scenario a ton of athletes experience, but few talk about: The night after finishing a big endurance competition or a long and strenuous workout, you lie awake in bed or toss and turn despite being thoroughly exhausted. Your sleeplessness may be compounded by feeling like you are radiating heat or you can feel/hear…

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The Best Workout for Developing Speed

Winter was a good time to build aerobic and lactate threshold power with interval workouts and indoor training. But now it’s time to ramp up for the high-speeds of race-pace group rides, criteriums, and road races. It’s time to work on those snappy accelerations to close gaps and jump on a wheel. In other words,…

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4 Effective Recovery Techniques for After a Long Endurance Event

At 200 miles, the Dirty Kanza 200 gravel race is a challenging test of endurance and mental toughness. It’s a grueling race to the finish line where riders constantly battle weather, rough terrain, and intense fatigue as they tick off the 200 miles. At this year’s event, 22 CTS Athletes and Coaches took off from…

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3 Important Racing Tactics You Can Learn From National Champion Gregory Daniel

Last weekend 21-year-old CTS Athlete Greg Daniel won the USPRO Road Race National Championship with a perfectly timed acceleration less than two kilometers from the finish line. Since then nearly every news story about the race has called it a surprise victory and noted there were stronger favorites in the final group of 10 riders….

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