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Team Trainright Blog: Sunrise Triathlon report by Malia Crouse

Team Trainright with Coach Winston Sauber Malia and Amy on the podium–again! Boulder Sunrise Olympic Tri Race Report- Saturday, June 4th, 2011     Cameron, 1st!! Boulder Sunrise is a fairly new triathlon in the Boulder scene and run by another great organization called Your Cause Sports.  What makes this race, in all the distances…

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Team Trainright Blog: Race report from Amy Richards

Yay! A completed triathlon duathlon without a trip to the emergency room. That's how it should be, folks. I really wasn't too nervous going into this race, probably because it was a sprint and I was coming off of a month or so of good recovery from Galveston. I was just going out there to have fun…

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Chris Carmichael Blog: Great Post- Hot Workout Soba Noodle Recipe, plus Weekend Reading

After spending a lot of time this spring on the road bike preparing for the Amgen Tour of California Race Experience, this week I was able to reacquaint myself with my mountain bike. And just in time, too, because there was a Wednesday evening mountain bike race less than a mile from my house this…

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Team Trainright Blog with Bill Plock: First four weeks of being coached

By Bill Plock, newest Team Trainright team member. It's been 28 days since I started with Team Trainright and I feel stronger. I can hardly wait to race and see how I do. I realize I'll be crushed if I don't have good results, but I'm also confident I will do well, short of having…

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Press Release: CTS – Santa Ynez Training Center Opening June 27, 2011 in California

For Immediate Release: From:  Carmichael Training Systems            600 S. 21st Street            Colorado Springs, CO 80904            www.trainright.com Re: Santa Ynez Regional Training Center, Opening June 27, 2011 Date:  June 2, 2011 Carmichael Training Systems will be opening the new Santa Ynez regional training center on the central coast of California on June 27, 2011! CTS will…

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Video: Vail High-Altitude Performance Camp

The 2011 Vail High Altitude Performance Camp is coming up! Join Chris Carmichael and the CTS Coaches June 21-25 for classic Colorado mountain rides, one-on-one instruction, and world-class amenities in Vail, Colorado. 2011 Vail High Altitude Camp Details  

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Posted: May 31, 2011

Author: CTS

Categories: Video

Chris Carmichael Blog: Lessons from the CTS ATOC Race Experience

I don’t get intimidated easily, but sitting in hotel room overlooking Lake Tahoe, with the entire course of the 2011 Amgen Tour of California laid out before me, I was more than a little bit intimidated. I’ve raced and participated in a lot of very hard endurance events, but the 2011 ATOC Race Experience was…

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Athlete Reactions to 2011 Amgen Tour of California Race Experience

We had a blast putting on the Amgen Tour of California Race Experience, and we’re already looking forward to 2012! Think this is a challenge you want to step up to? You will once you peruse the testimonials, blogs, photos, and videos below! Testimonials "It was, without a doubt, one of the tougher challenges I have…

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The Time-Crunched Athlete’s Lunchbox: Soba Noodles with Almond-Miso Dressing

By Jim Rutberg, CTS Pro Coach and co-author of "The Time-Crunched Cyclist" and "The Time-Crunched Triathlete" The recipe below was provided by Adam Kelinson, author of "The Athlete's Plate". I met Adam at The Endurance Sports Expo in Philadelphia because we were both authors with Velopress and because we were giving presentations/seminars on our respective…

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Video Slideshow from CTS Amgen Tour of California Race Experience Athlete Alain Lambert

CTS Athlete Alain Lambert is one of the 22 athletes who joined us for the 2011 Amgen Tour of California Race Experience. He's a great athlete to have on any trip or at any cycling camp; his sense of humor and adventure really help to set a positive and suppportive tone for the whole group. When he got…

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