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Paula Amsden’s Full La Ruta Gallery

Here’s the link to Paula Amsden’s complete photo gallery from La Ruta: http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=245636&id=678281555

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From Jason Tullous: Stage 3 Blog

Well the entire race as been Epic but today had a little bit of everything and has become my favorite stage so far with one more stage tomorrow. When I said everything, I meant everything beginning with the start.  We line up as usual and the officials announce some disqualifications from the previous day. It…

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Blisters Don’t Count

According to Chris Carmichael, blisters are not grounds for quitting La Ruta, so I guess he’s going to have to continue even with most of the skin missing from the back of his heel…

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La Ruta GPS Maps of Stages 1 and 2 from CTS Coach Adam Pulford

CTS Coach Adam Pulford has been an integral part of the coaching team preparing athletes for the La Ruta de los Conquistadores, and he’s racing right alongside the athletes he coached. He’s doing pretty well, too, finishing 27th on Stage 1 and 21st on Stage 2. He’s been riding witha GPS device on his handlebars…

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La Ruta Photo Gallery from Paula Amsden

La Ruta is an “all hands on deck” event for Carmichael Training Systems this year, and that means sending our best coaches and staff members down to Costa Rica for the race. Paula Amsden, our Director of Operations, is at La Ruta as part of our Super Support Team. In addition to supporting our racers…

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From Jason Tullous: A New Definition of Steep

From Jason Tullous: http://jasontullous.wordpress.com Going into this stage I had heard rumors of the opening 5km climb with it’s concrete pitches of 30% but what I didn’t know was that these pitches were strewn throughout the course. I learned today that any climb I encounter will be easier than the climbs I experienced today. We…

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