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2011 “Do the Tour… Stay at Home” Workout Program – Introduction and Field Test

Introduction: We know what it’s like for cycling fans in July. You watch the coverage live on your computer at work, watch the coverage on TV again every night, and maybe you even call in sick to watch the big stages live in the morning! You scour all the magazines and websites for information and…

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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-06-26

RT @Coach_AP: Good luck today to CTS athlete @moniquepua as she races for the MTB marathon world championships in Italy!! # RT Santa Ynez Coach @knordgren: Fields of flowers on todays ride on Santa Rosa road. http://t.co/eSDrI8H # RT CTS Coach @jasonkoop: LT100 Run Camp runners done for the day and chillin' at twin lakes….

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Posted: June 26, 2011

Author: CTS

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Chris Carmichael Blog: Hydration Tips and Weekend Reading Material

It’s been an incredibly busy few weeks around CTS, for the coaches as well as for me. Last weekend was the Trans Andes Boot Camp, two days of physiological testing and skills work followed by two back-to-back 5+hour mountain bike rides. After that I had a few days to recover before going to the Vail…

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Team Trainright Blog: Boulder Sprint Recap by Bill Plock

I'm very pleased with my first race of the year and I know my results were thanks to Winston and Carmichael Training Systems. I improved every category substantially (except for my first transition) and managed to place 8th in my age group (83 racers) and 55th overall out of almost 1,200.         Starting with…

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Team Trainright Blog: Kansas 70.3 by Jon Mullen

Kansas 70.3 Race Report by Jon Mullen After the long months of training and building, my first half ironman had finally arrived! This race was set in the cute little town of Lawrence, KS—home to the KU Jayhawks and the surrounding community. The town was awesome and the couple I stayed with was amazing and…

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Team Train Right Blog: Why I race

By Bill Plock Being fairly new to Team Trainright and with my first race coming up, something my yoga teacher said the other day really made me think about why I race. I love to compete, I want to win, but as someone past his prime, why do I continue to race? Remember when you…

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Chris Carmichael Blog: A Much-Needed Kick in the Tail

Two weeks ago I was talking with a CTS Athlete about how his season of training and competition was going, and after a while it became clear that he’d gone from being very aggressive to being more passive during the past few months of racing mostly criteriums. This is actually something we see quite often,…

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Team Train Right Blog: Looking Back Over the Early Season with Cameron Afkhami

After competing in my first Olympic Tri of the season (Boulder Sunrise), I’ve been giving some thought to where I am and how I got here.  And after some serious weighing of my experience: I really feel good about my fitness. This was a tough winter for me with respect to training.  Back at the end of…

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Minimize to Maximize Your Training

By CTS Coaches Adam Pulford and Jim Rutberg With all the commitments, training programs, fads, fades, and flats that come your way, how can you get the most out of your time on the bike? Whether you are the recreational cyclist with a busy life schedule or the racer who wants to hone in on…

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Ramp Up Your Swim Training By Focusing on Strength and Technique

For those of us who did not grow up with gills, swimming fast can be a difficult skill to acquire. A great aerobic engine is important, but without great technique in the water you’re not going to move forward quickly. To become a faster swimmer in time for the upcoming triathlon season, now is a…

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