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(March 1, 2017 – Colorado Springs, CO) Cyclists can now register for the CTS Figueroa Mountain Gran Fondo, presented by Figueroa Mountain Brewing. The event, scheduled for November 11, 2017 in Santa Ynez, California, features the first ascent of Figueroa Mountain in a timed, mass start event. Earlybird registration ranges from $65-$100. Athletes must register…

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Which is More Important: Pre- or Post-Workout Nutrition?

One of the problems I see with modern training is the pursuit of perfection over priority. With the ever-increasing range of products and theories on training, nutrition, recovery and other areas, some athletes get caught up in the minutia of perfecting every nuance of their training life. It becomes overwhelming and you can lose the…

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The Key to Being Extraordinary

As sports fans we’re accustomed to witnessing extraordinary performances across the entire spectrum of sports. But all those highlight reels are a double-edged sword. On one hand, highlight reels are inspirational. Many riders go out after watching an amazing cycling race like the Tour of Flanders, a stage of the Amgen Tour of California, or…

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13 Easy Wake Up Tips For Early Morning Workouts

By Cory Bruno Waking up for an early morning workout before work can be difficult, and during winter when the mornings can be bitterly cold it can feel like an impossible task. But for some athletes, the early morning is a golden opportunity to work out so you can maintain greater training consistency and stop…

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Posted: February 21, 2017

Author: CTS

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The Inconvenient Truth About Coaching

I was talking this week with a group of athletes, some coached by CTS and others not, and the conversation turned to their experiences with coaching over the past several years. Most of them had at least one poor experience with a coach, and the most important point I took away from the conversation was…

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Newest CTS Coach: 2X US Pro Champion Cyclist Matthew Busche

Photo courtesy of biciphoto.com For Immediate Release For more information, contact: Jim Rutberg +1 719.360.2672 jrutberg@trainright.com (February 16, 2017, Colorado Springs, CO) – Recently retired professional cyclist Matthew Busche is moving from the pro peloton to professional coaching, CTS announced today. A CTS-coached athlete during his racing career, Busche recently graduated from the rigorous CTS…

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5 Things Athletes Need to Know in Your 40s, 50s, and Into Your 80s!

By Chris Carmichael I am a cyclist in my mid-50s and I spend a lot of time riding with athletes up to 30 years younger and 25 years older than me.  People ask me about the impact of age on endurance athletes, and here’s what I tell them: Your potential declines, but your ability to maximize…

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The Benefits of Caffeine for Cyclists, Triathletes, and Runners

Caffeine is one of the world’s most widely used stimulants, with the average caffeine consumption in the United States around two cups of coffee (200mg) per day. Most of us are familiar with our afternoon coffee’s ability to help us through the workday and how strongly ingrained coffee is in cycling culture, but does caffeine…

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The 6 Keys to Great Training and Big Improvements

There are a lot of athletes who do not train to win races. Many train because they enjoy being fit and performing at their best in non-competitive events like cycling tours, charity rides, or the local group ride. Still more train because of the role being fit and active and engaged in sport plays in…

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11 Key Beginner Triathlon Tips From Top Coaches

With swimming, cycling, and running combined into a single competition, there’s a lot for beginner triathletes to learn. Each discipline within a triathlon is not the same as swimming, cycling, or running as standalone sports. Not only are there some rule differences, but your cycling leg will be affected by the swim before it, and…

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