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Three Tips for Worry-Free Marathon Training

A good training program is an essential part of preparing for a marathon, and fortunately there are a plethora of sound and effective programs available to runners of all ability levels. But preparing for a successful 26.2-mile run takes more than a schedule of workouts, and the coaches at CTS got together to provide three…

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Posted: April 24, 2017

Author: CTS

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Press Release: Topical EDGE Partners With CTS

For Immediate Release Topical EDGE Partners With CTS To Offer Athletes Greater Performance and Recovery Potential (April 24, 2017) Topical EDGE and CTS have announced a multi-year agreement beginning immediately that will give CTS coaches, athletes, and camp participants an opportunity to train harder and recover faster with the first and only athletic performance lotion…

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5 Ways to Add Life to Your Years

Lately I’ve been seeing a lot of articles and blogs about adding years to your life, and to be honest most of the advice is downright obvious: Don’t smoke, reduce stress, drink alcohol in moderation, eat better and exercise more. That’s all wonderful advice for the general population, but it got me thinking about our…

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Top 3 Advanced Cycling Skills for Group Rides and Races

I have talked before about proper group ride etiquette and skills that make you a welcome rider in the group, but there are more advanced skills you can utilize to drop your new riding mates on race-like group rides, and also drop your competitors in races. I want to emphasize these tactics are meant to be practiced at…

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Inside Sports Drinks (Just the Science)

Note: CTS has a partnership with Bonk Breaker and we recommend Bonk Breaker Real Hydration and provide it to our athletes at CTS Camps and events. That said, several brands – including Bonk Breaker – base their formulations off the science presented here, because… it’s good science. A sports drink is essentially water with stuff dissolved…

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Finding Your ‘Why’, and How I Found Mine

Yesterday – April 14 – was the CTS’s 17th birthday! Each year I make sure to take note of April 14 and use the occasion to reflect on the path CTS has traveled and contemplate the landscape ahead. This year I have been particularly thinking about “The Why”. Finding or reaffirming your purpose – individually…

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The Lifelong Athlete: Performing Your Best From Your 20s Through Your 80s

  Just as in golf, when it comes to fitness and health you have to think about your short game and your long game. Getting out to exercise today or losing 10 pounds in the next three months is your short game; adding years to your life and – just as important – life to…

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How To Be An Athlete Forever

  I’ve been thinking a lot about longevity this week, probably because of the sudden passing of iconic American cyclist Steve Tilford. I met Tilly when we were juniors, raced with him on several US National Team trips, and was his teammate on the Wheaties Schwinn team. Long after most of my generation of pros…

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Misery Is a Choice: Developing Mental Toughness in Endurance Athletes

If there was ever an actual secret to turning highly-talented athletes into champions it is simply this: Toughen them up. Whether you’re trying to win the Paris-Roubaix, get through a 200-mile gravel race, or hang with the fast group ride, it’s going to take more than talent, available training time, and hi-tech gear. You’re also…

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6 Tips for Dialing in Sports Nutrition Strategy for Endurance Events

  There are two common maxims regarding sports nutrition for events: Don’t try anything new on race day, and find the foods and drinks that work best for you. Those are good starting points, but when you spend months training for a goal event it behooves you to put more thought into developing your race…

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