Weekend Reading: Does Sweating More Mean You’re More Fit? Plus 3 Winter Training Articles You Need to Read

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The past few weeks have been particularly difficult for outdoor training in Colorado – and much of the US. In Colorado Springs there was a stretch of about 7-10 days when the high temperatures never even reached 20 degrees, and the nights hovered around zero. While there were some folks who ventured out in such extreme cold, the dramatic shift in the weather convinced most people that the winter indoor trainer season is finally here.

Since I was stuck inside for most of the cold snap, I spent some time reviewing articles my coaches and I have authored over the past few years, and I put together the following list of popular pieces:

5 Tips for Setting Up an Effective Indoor Cycling Space: Sure, you can get the job done in the garage, crammed between the car door and the clothes dryer, but CTS Coach Jim Rutberg is right when he says you’ll be more consistent and effective if you take some time to set up a more permanent solution.

Does Sweating More Mean You’re More Fit? This is a question my coaches and I get on a regular basis. There are a lot of factors that go into sweat rate, and it’s pretty fascinating how the human body’s cooling system adapts to changing environments and conditions.

Triathlon Training: How Long Does it Take to Train for an Ironman? CTS Coach Lindsay Hyman makes a well-reasoned case for taking your time when preparing for an Ironman goal. She should know, she has one of the highest success rates of any CTS triathlon coach when it comes to Ironman finishers.

Harden Up or Ride Inside? 5 Tips and a Favorite Winter Workout: While some people value suffering for the sake of feeling tough, I value quality training efforts that make athletes faster. Here are some tips for making the most of winter workout, and my favorite outdoor cycling workout for cold-weather days.

I also want to thank everyone who took advantage of the coaching, camp, and product offers we ran in the weeks following Thanksgiving. It’s great to see new athletes and familiar faces taking steps toward greater fitness and performance in 2014! Right now you can still take advantage of the “Winter T.H.A.W Package” that provides a Kinetic Road Machine 2.0 indoor trainer, 3 months of full-service coaching, and a 3pack of Train Right DVDs for $759. And in a completely separate offer, through Tuesday, December 17 you can also purchase as many Train Right DVDs as you want for just $9.99 each. A few titles are sold out, but there are plenty available, including the Epic Climbing disc that features race footage from the USA Pro Challenge!

If you haven’t signed up for CTS Triathlon School or a Spring Training Camp yet, I highly encourage you to do it before the end of the year. Several camps are getting close to capacity and I don’t want you to miss out! And looking further out into next summer, we just added the 2014 Hors Categorie Climbing Camp – or “beyond category climbing camp” from July 21-26. Come and ride up both paved 14ers in the Colorado Rockies, plus iconic mountain loops like Phantom Canyon!

Have a Great Weekend
Chris Carmichael
CEO/Head Coach
Carmichael Training Systems

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