“True Tactician”

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Began working with Maddison at the Select Training level on October 1, 2020, after two seasons with a local coach. I’m a 60-year old male, who began cycling in 2015, and hadn’t been on a bike since childhood. Maddison provides a very organized and tactical training approach, and understands the science of challenging athletes to fit their body’s ability to adapt through training stress loads and recovery. Maddison is very effective with our weekly training call and helps me logically understand training plans and gravel-race strategies, and has guided me through Field and INSCYD testing, and the quantified metrics. After 10-months, Maddison has helped me achieve a 20w increase in Field Test power (+8%), 27w FTP increase (+11%), 36w, 90-minute power increase (+18%), 24w, 60-minute power (+12%), and 48w, 20-minute power increase (+20%). I’ve signed up in advance for another year with Coach Maddison, and am excited for additive challenge, adaptation, and improvement!

Jeffrey Miller

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