Triathlon Camp at Santa Ynez

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Enjoyed the entire camp experience, mostly the ratio of coaches to campers. Liked the fact that once you were there, it was all about triathlon from when you woke up to when you went to sleep. Outstanding overall experience. The double workouts were tough but also helped me realize I can push even harder workouts to a level where they are helpful and not hurtful. Came to the camp to have professionals determine if there was room to improve at my age or if I had topped out after doing triathlons for 10 years. The coaches were very quick to pinpoint my cycling style as something that needed to change. After the camp, I hired Paul for four months with a target of USAT nationals, Malibu Classic and Bakersfield sprint. With workouts centered on cadence/power improvements and running stronger off of the bike, I had a huge improvement at Malibu and a four-minute improvement in the Bakersfield sprint, which I’ve done six times and had not PR’d in for three years.

Daniel Edwards

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