The ultimate intersection of science, discipline and fun!

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Corrine simply put has helped me realize gains in performance and personal goals that I would never have realized on my own. Her approach is a unique intersection of coaching science, discipline and fun mixed with the pragmatic reality that running is an important part of my life but not the only part. She is always accessible to answer questions, walk through race strategy or to help understand and incorporate feedback and thoughts on data from Training Peaks or personal thoughts and experience. Her approachable manner and deep experience both in running and competitive sports at the highest level brings a unique resource to the ‘everyday’ athlete. Her commitment to your success and satisfaction is tangible and importantly genuine. It is a unique opportunity to find that great intersection of the scientific coaching coupled with the experience of a high performance athlete who can meet you where you are and help you improve but also enjoy the journey along the way! I cannot give a strong enough endorsement and would recommend Corrine without reservation to anyone who has a serious desire to learn, improve and enjoy the process.

Drew Bennett

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