Steady improvement

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Matthew and I have been working together since Spring of 2017.

The carefully planned workouts are at the core of what I have gotten from Matthew. But honestly, sometimes his comments and phone calls have been even more important. He has been steady when I have been working hard toward an event, and when I have been allergic to my bike after months of training. He has been there when I was trying to make sense of a power meter for the first time, and when I had to take a long break to recover from a non-bike injury.

He has become ever more attuned to my need for rest. Pouring on hard workouts is EASY. Balancing hard workouts with adequate rest (especially as I get older) is much more challenging. Often he detects my need for more rest BEFORE I DO!

Our pre-event planning phone calls have been GOLD. Going into events with a clear plan and a back-up plan has been tremendously helpful. Of course, being able to de-brief my big events with Matthew is equally valuable.

Thank you, Matthew!

Jim McGraw

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