So far it’s pretty good

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Still evaluating, In general, it’s good to have a plan of almost any kind . I do like the plans that are available in Training Peaks for time crunched cyclists and generally feel more focused
I feel like that is all I’m getting out of it for the fee as most of the videos and other resources for cyclists are free on youtube . I don’t see alot of chatter in the forum, so I’m not sure how often that’s used. There may not be alot of active members.
I think there is probably value in being able to work with a coach. However the cost, even at the lowest level is a bit high for my need. I have basic questions that I think a coach could assist with, but 200 + dollars a month is just a little steep for a 55 year old looking to just have training make sense for the fall cyclocross season. I really just need someone to look at my training plan and give feedback on like a monthly basis at most and the ability to have an exchange of questions. I don’t think I need weekly guidance

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