Perfect coach for helping me achieve my goals

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Max helps on several levels: First by creating a training plan based on my fitness level and goals, then by constantly tweaking it based on my progress and life realities. Secondly, he gets the mental/emotional/intangible aspects and is a very steady hand and good listener as I roller coaster a bit mentally and emotionally. He is patient and positive, but also persistent. The end result is I have what I would call positive accountability. I have achieved the overall fitness level I wanted and can easily ride with the strongest riders in my two groups. My climbing is way better and I can put the hammer down to close gaps or drag everyone along at a brisk pace for long stretches. I now have the confidence that I can take it to the next level because sticking with it has shown that it really does work. I am very grateful that Max is there for me.

David Chandler

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