Not Bitter, Just Not Right Fit

Cory Bruno Leave a Comment

Training Plan Library was inaccessible after about 7 -10 days which seemed odd. I received several emails when I signed up and somehow missed the one with the authorized access to the Training Plan Library. When I did notice the message, I clicked on the box/link and it told me that the access had expired and to request it again through CTS/Trainright Customer Support. When I made the request, Customer Service replied that
“I would need to contact the person or entity that I purchased the plan through”… huh? I believe that I purchased the Monthly Plan through them, CTS?/TrainRight… Too confusing. I elected to not waste my time going in circles with customer service. Additionally, the metrics were interesting however, it seems best to have one-on-one CTS coach to understand and truly make good use of the data provided. Cancelled trial and sticking to TR for time being.

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