Max has worked out well. He’s my first coach,

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He has been there when I needed to know if what I was experiencing was expected. I think that I am a bit of an anomaly as I assume not many 85 year old biker are trying to maintain some semblance of prior fitness. I would be pleased to find that this assumption is in error. I bike mainly because I enjoy the activity and I wish to be able to continue at a level that is enjoyable. I have a heart rate that seems to be a bit fickle in that load and heart rate does not always keep up. Max has been able to guide me through the problems this has caused. To better monitor my progress might be switch to watts vs heart rate, but I haven’t opted for the cost of watts meters. That may come.
Max has been good at explaining what I need to do next and keeping me on track. There are days that getting on the bike is not my first priority, but I get on the bike or trainer and attempt to make the time spent productive.

Richard Keir

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