Kellie has leveled up my training!

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I am training with Kellie Moylan to get me ready for a trail marathon in late summer 2024. I am a “non-runner” and I have recently retired, so I wanted help and expertise from a trainer, both for learning and for external accountability.

So far I am super pleased with the coach/athlete dynamic. Kellie provides insights after each run and strength workout and she is available any time I have questions or need clarification.

Kellie is genuinely invested in my progress, health, and fitness, and is making sure I get through my training while staying strong and injury-free. She is setting me up for success!

P.S. here is what I looked like finishing my fastest 5K, I came in 2nd in my age group and I’ll be able to run my 26.2 mile trail race next summer for sure!

Emily Cookson

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