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I’ve been working with Sarah for 8 months and couldn’t be happier with every aspect. While I don’t need constant communication, I value our regular check-ins and appreciate that Sarah is paying attention to all the comments I add, even my most trivial commentary I add to Training Peaks. This year has by far been my most consistent running year and I 100% attribute that to Sarah’s coaching. I’ve previously struggled with building my volume appropriately and therefore experienced many load injuries but this year (touch wood as it’s not over) since working with Sarah, I haven’t experienced any and feel my body is significantly more resilient. I know we’ve only just scratched the surface, too! With my previous coach I doubted my ability to simply withstand the physical toll on my body from endurance running as I had experienced many stress injuries. Now I don’t question that at all. That’s not because Sarah’s told me I can do it, that’s because she’s provided me the framework and support to see the transformation in myself and build a body (and mind) that CAN do it!

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