In my short time working

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In my short time working with Jason, I’ve completed workouts – getting up to 2x40min @ 90% of FTP – that I never previously thought I would be able to do. And we are working with a work to recovery ratio – 3 weeks on, 1 week recovery / max efforts – that seems to be a ratio I’m tolerating well, plus the CTS ramp rate so far has gotten me to an overall load / CTL that is the highest I’ve ever hit.

On the pure coaching level, Jason clearly explains what we are doing, and why he’s chosen the specific workouts and the goal for the period we are in. And for me, working with a more data driven coach aligns more with how I think.

The only suggestion I have, and I think this is across CTS, would be to integrate strength sessions into coaching. Or have the ability to have a strength coaching & assessment done, and then a plan developed that would integrate well with the cycling plan.

Matthew Beckwith

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