Got me on track after a year of half-assing things

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TrainRight is the best choice I’ve made since the original decision to get healthy (was heading towards 50 as a 344lb man who got winded walking *down* stairs). In the three years I’ve been active again, I’ve made great strides, tried lots of activities, ruled some out and, in the past year, found myself (surprisingly) wanting to pursue endurance running.

I did OK for a neophyte, but found myself without focus and guidance beyond trying to gather kudos on Strava. Fed the ego, but wasn’t making as much progress as I wanted and was trying to chase the stats of local runners half my age and 70% of my weight, which was a path to injury.

Coach Koop’s book made a lots of sense to me, particularly in terms of how it explained adaptation and training blocks. That brought me to TrainRight, which fits my budget and most of my needs.

Working using TrainingPeaks, particularly after Chantelle’s explanation of how to use it (highly recommend that recorded call for all new team members), has really helped me focus on the intent of each workout and meeting the objectives. The past calls and discussions in the Facebook groups have answered most of the questions I have had, as well as some of the questions that I didn’t know I had.

Love the camaraderie in the FB group and access to get my questions answered. Even enjoy the Strava group, although I sometimes get geographic and pacing envy.;-P

I think that the only thing holding my 4 back from being a 5 is for me to participate more and make consistent use of the resources.

Thanks for everything — I am seeing quantifiable improvements in feel and performance.

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