From DNF to Sub-24

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Last year working solo I managed to pull off two separate DNFs, first at Antelope Canyon 100 and then at San Diego 100. Poor planning, poor adaptation, poor nutrition.

I decided to turn things around with a coach. First coach I found raised all the red flags you hear about on the KoopCast – excel sheet, generic comments, even other athletes names in the feedback I got.

I switched over to CTS and started working with Travis last fall. He put me through the ringer with speedwork and a killer training camp. High mileage but smart mileage. Nutrition and session feedback down to a tee.

I walked up to the starting line of Rocky Raccoon 100 with zero aches, and despite rain, thunder, and mud, the day just cruised by. Out of 440 starters, only 165 finished this year – the lowest year on record. I somehow pulled off 29th and sub-24. It was hard work, but genuinely the credit goes to Travis’s programming and guidance to getting there. Looking forward to now setting more PRs with him in the future!

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