Epic Endurance

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I always enjoy riding with the coaches at CTS camps. As always the routes are challenging for me. I have always gotten excellent support from all of the coaches no matter how good or bad a day I may be having. The support staff is also excellent. The catered lunches were excellent and the 2 meals we had were also good. Stretching sessions with Allison were a pure delight and a great addition to the camp experience. I really liked the sessions in her studio that I was able to attend last month at the All inclusive camp.
I always learn something new each camp that helps me improve my riding skills and knowledge about my bike and how to keep it it in good condition.
The only negative I have to report is that I don’t feel enough care was given to packing up my bike. It would be better if I was involved in the process and asked what I expected. Fourtunately nothing big happened but it was not packed nearly as carefully and well as when I arrived. I was able to build back up without too much trouble.

Kenneth L Derrington

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