Athleticism is a sound body, mind, and spirit

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Working with Coach Shute has helped me better understand the full realm of what it means to live an active/athletic life.

I came into the CTS program as a beginning marathon/ultra marathon runner. I am somewhat of a mid-pack runner and have really looked at taking that next step in my training to progress in the sport and stay healthy during the process. Coach has helped me embrace all parts of the training process including hydration, fueling, recovery, and amazing training plans. We have really started working to cross functionalize in cycling as well as adding varied gym and cardio work. I feel like I’ve progressed significantly over the last 6 months under his guidance completing both a PR 100k in 11.5 hours along with a PR Half marathon in 1:34:XX.

Along with the cardio and strength training that comes with our coach/athlete relationship, I’ve learned that calmness of mind and balance of spirit are essential to adapting to the training stimuli. I know I’ll never be the FASTEST guy at the local 5k, half marathon, or Ultramarathons, but I’ve learned that being the best version of myself for those around me is all we can really search for in this life. Amazing life lessons that I’ve picked up through my time with Coach Shute.

Jonathon Savoy

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