Annual review for coach Russell

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Maddison has made a positive impact in my overall health. I truly believe that having a coach to be accountable has added years on to my career as a surgeon. My biking performance has improved year to year. Below is a summary of positives and areas that could be improved upon for Maddison.


1. Maddison is always responsive to emails. He will adjust my schedule based on my personal professional or travel obligations.
2. He will build a workout schedule that accommodates my work obligations.
3. He addresses non-workout issues such as bike set-up. Working around injuries.
4. Is honest about performance. Manages my expectations. Doesn’t tell me what I want to hear.
5. Takes my training seriously even though I am not a true high performing athlete.
6. He has not allowed personal issues such as deaths in the family or injuries to keep him from his coaching responsibilities.

Areas of improvement.

Being a older individual I have asked about other cross training exercises that can be done, such as weight lifting, lower body exercises or core workout to supplement my fitness and performance. There has not been follow through to add specific alternative exercises to the official workout schedule.

Ron Thoman

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