Andy is Excellent at Listening and Challenging

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Andy is the coach I looked for, for five years. Of course he knows his technical stuff. Where he shines is both listening to what I know about myself and suggesting workouts that push my fitness and self concepts. I work harder when I don’t have complex workouts. He gives me blocks of intervals that don’t require much thinking, just time them and put in the effort. No complexity to trip me up. My recovery from heart-valve surgery accelerated with his thoughtful, challenging intervals and foundation work. I’m impressed that I’ve gained stamina even as I’ve gotten well past the 70 year mark with more than seven years of previous demanding training.

I will workout on my own, but I workout more often and more regularly when a coach posts workouts and gives me actionable feedback afterwards. I have lots of questions and he gives thoughtful answers, suggests reasons, and encourages experimentation. And what a bonus that he was a competitive tandem rider and understands the demands of a couple riding together as well as my miles on a single bike.

Jay Livingston

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