Adam is awesome!

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He has also developed personalized training runs to improve my power and my speed which I was struggling to put together based on all the information available. I love that he has taken all the pressure off of me to learn and understand a plethora of statistics and adjust my training as needed. I leave it in his capable hands. I loved the training camp weekend which was 2 days of running on two sections of the course of my first 100 mile race that I hadn’t run before. All this was done in a very short window of 2.5 months which didn’t give him a lot of time to work with. Although I had serious GI issues from the beginning, my training pulled me through 63 miles. My legs were strong but lack of food and water caught up with me. I feel that it was a great success as I am confident that I can finish 100 miles. Kudos to Adam for building up my body and my confidence. I look forward to more training to get me across that finish line.

Kathie Hale

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