A++++ for Andy Applegate

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I simply don’t write reviews for anything… Andy is the rare exception.

Working with Andy has truly been a life altering experience. Having been a runner and cyclist throughout my youth and into college and graduate school, the majority of my 30s were spent doing a whole lot of nothing athletically. By the time my 40s hit, I was completely out of shape, overweight, and on a path of potential long term health problems. About two years ago, I decided to make dramatic lifestyle changes with the primary goal of restoring a healthy balance to my life, but also to begin competing again in the endurance sports that I loved in my youth.

I first became aware of Andy and his coaching ability while racing bikes in graduate school many years ago– Andy coached a couple of athletes I knew well, and they always seemed to be winning races and doing amazing things.

Even though I was a middle-aged, out of shape guy with no real athletic accomplishments since the late 1990s, Andy took me on and began working with me to outline a series of goals and a plan to accomplish them.

Andy is an exceptionally knowledgeable coach — both on the bike and in endurance running. I continue to learn a tremendous amount from him. He is very patient, easy going and has an amazing ability to handle what I have viewed as setbacks (injury, illness, work/life/travel, etc) as no big deal. I’m continually impressed with how he tailors and adapts my workout schedules to meet my insanely busy schedule.

About a year ago, I told Andy I wanted to not only run my first competitive marathon (I’ve run the distance as part of ultras in the past but never raced it), and wanted to do so in a Boston Qualifying time. Most people who know me thought I was entirely detached from reality… not Andy. He let me know that it was certainly a do-able goal, but would require a lot of hard work and some luck (no injuries, etc.). Sign me up!

Andy has been an instrumental and vital partner in helping me train and accomplish all these goals. I got my BQ (by 3+ minutes), broke a 20+ year old PR in the half marathon (by 6 minutes), and set all-time PRs in every distance from 10K to the Marathon. I am in the best shape of my life — both running and on the bike. Had anyone told me two years ago that I would have accomplished all this, I would’ve laughed. Andy deserves way more credit than I can write in a review.

Many thanks and cheers!

Jason O. Watson

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