2023 Rocky Raccoon 100 Mi Training

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Before training with Ryne I didn’t have an ultra coach. I trained by talking to other runners, reading, and listening to my body. After each race, I knew there must be another level that I’d never achieve without a coach. Ryne was an amazing coach who put together well designed runs, gave valuable feedback, and designed a plan to help me beat my goal.

Here is some more info written by my wife:

“I figured I better post an update! Not only did he finish, he killed the Rocky Raccoon 100 Mile Trail Race this year. He beat his first year by OVER AN HOUR. Derek finished his first Rocky in 22 hours. This year he finished in 20 hours 50 minutes. He beat his last finish by an hour and 10 minutes. The first year he finished he was exhausted and completely worn out, barely making it to the finish line after starting the race too fast. This year he was prepared and had a plan. Not a single person passed him for the last two laps (that’s 40 miles) and he passed person after person. This year he finished strong and he felt strong.”

Derek Mills

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