Press Release: CTS Announces Club and Team Coaching Packages

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CTS Announces Club/Team Coaching Package

(April 17, 2013 – Colorado Springs, CO) – In response to the needs and requests of endurance athletes, Carmichael Training Systems today announced a new addition to its service offerings: CTS Club/Team Coaching

By taking advantage of video conferencing and online coaching software, CTS has developed a coaching package designed to coordinate training for 6-20 members of a cycling or triathlon club, or 4-10 members of a competitive race team. “We’ve created a blend of individualization and standardization so each athlete makes significant progress, and the club or team can train effectively as a group,” said CTS Founder and Head Coach Chris Carmichael.

Each athlete gets his/her own TrainingPeaks account to log workouts and upload training files, and the group’s coach analyzes field test data to establish each rider’s individual training intensity ranges. The group’s goals drive the creation of the monthly built-from-scratch training plan, and the group comes together for monthly video-conference coaching consults.

This new coaching option offers tremendous advantages for athletes. At $65/month (Club) or $90/month (Team) per athlete, individual cyclists or triathletes save $100/month or more compared to CTS’s traditional one-on-one coaching packages.  And CTS will reinvest in participating clubs and teams by cutting them each a check for 5% of their total annual coaching fees. CTS can accommodate large clubs or teams by utilizing multiple coaches.

Click here or below for a quick video synopsis of CTS Club/Team Coaching.

Landing Page for CTS Club/Team Coaching

CTS Senior Coach Adam Pulford boiled down the promise of CTS Club/Team Coaching succinctly when he said, “You’re already training together. Now it’s time to start winning together!”

About CTS:

A pioneering company in the endurance coaching industry, Carmichael Training Systems (CTS) has improved the performance of more than 10,000 athletes since 2000. Founded by renowned coach and author Chris Carmichael, and home to more than 40 full-time, professional coaches, CTS inspires and empowers the athlete in EVERY BODY to perform at their best. The company provides personal coaching, training camps, and Endurance Bucket List experiences to athletes of all ability levels. For more information, visit

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