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4 Common Mistakes That Wreck Your Workouts

At the start of training ride or an event, all things are possible. You could have a ride that puts a smile on your face or a performance that exceeds your expectations. But you can also screw it up, and a lot of cyclists do that on a regular basis. Here are four ways I…

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Ironman Training: Don’t let hydration crisis derail your Ironman

By Chris Carmichael Coming into a major event like an Ironman triathlon, you have likely left very little to chance. Your hydration and nutrition strategy has been tested in training, your equipment has been scrutinized for optimal fit and comfort, and you’ve been focused on your training for many months. That level of preparation maximizes…

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Does Sweating More Mean You’re More Fit?

  I’m relatively new to triathlon and to serious training. Over the past several months I’ve been making steady progress, and recently I’ve noticed that I’ve started sweating more. The conditions (temp and humidity) are about the same as they’ve been, but I’m sweating a lot more. Does that mean I’m getting more fit?  –…

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