Maddison Russell

About Me

I first began my foray into endurance sports as a freshman in high school. While it took time for my undulating passion for them to blossom, it took full force as I began to improve. I ran cross country and track throughout high school, as well as my first three years at college. I attended Indiana University, where I competed through my junior year as a member of the Run Club, and was lucky enough to be part of a national championship winning team. Going into college, I was dead set on becoming a coach in some capacity, which led to me graduating with a degree in Exercise Science, as well as minors in Coaching and Psychology. Due to a nasty string of injuries from running, I switched gears during my senior year of college and picked up a bike. My love for cycling grew over my senior and fifth year of college, where I competed as a member of a cycling team training for the Little 500. When not consumed by training, I enjoy writing, reading, and classical music.


With focuses in both cycling and running, my goal is to help athletes in these areas achieve success, in whatever form that may take, across all levels of knowledge and ability. Competitiveness, dedication, and consistency are all attributes I love to elicit from people while working with them. I believe that a foundation of trust and personal connection drives an athlete-coach relationship to its highest heights, so with that in mind, those areas are ones I put meaningful time and effort in to cultivate. There is no better feeling for me than having someone achieve their goals, and know that I was able to help them in that process. Individual planning, attention, and evaluation are all services in which I can provide an athlete with over the course of working together.


I specialize in detail, goal oriented planning for athletes in both cycling and running disciplines. This includes focuses on training principles, sport science and nutrition, as well as supplementary activities such as race strategy, drills, strength work, and recovery work. I am a firm believer of no stone unturned, and keeping that in mind, it is always my goal to provide and athlete with as much information as they need to succeed. While the physical side of sport is always a primary focal point, the mental aspect is one that is identified as important as well, yet so often still goes overlooked. I specialize in this area of sport psychology, incorporating techniques such as visualization to ensure that athletes are mentally as well as physically primed to meet their goals. 

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Residence: Colorado Springs, CO

Certifications: B.S. Exercise Science

Coaching Level:

  • Expert

Sports Coached:

  • Cyclocross
  • MTB
  • Road Cycling
  • Running

Coaching Packages:

  • Premium
  • Select
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